What makes Art in the Heart so unique? The artists have been carefully selected. They are all from the locality which is central to its concept. They are professional with keen profiles having exhibited nationally or internationally or they are incredibly innovative emerging artists who are passionate about what they do. Just as importantly they are committed to the Art in the Heart principle. They want to share their work with the general and visiting public close to home as well as pursuing more national based ambitions. They want to contribute to the economic and cultural regeneration of the city centre.

Art in the Heart embraces diverse styles: representational, abstract, digital, urban and aims to offer more cultural interest to the city centre and in so doing improve its economic landscape. It is working in partnership with the city council who wholeheartedly support its principle and embraces its contribution both culturally and economically. It is also supported by other government supported groups such as Opportunity Peterborough and our arts and culture provider Vivacity


Art in the Heart