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René Viner is an artist, the curator and ‘brain child’ of the exhibition said “We have such a thriving local artistic community but very few suitable spaces in which to show our work. When Andronicas Cafe, in the Peterborough Garden Park, approached us with the great idea to use their upstairs space, we jumped at it”.

All the artists have taken the elements (air, water, earth and fire) as their inspiration; with a wide range of varied land and seascape paintings, in different media and in their own very different styles and approaches. The four artists are friends and regularly exhibit their own work. Garth Bayley, one of the artists at the show said; “I also exhibit my art in London and Home Counties galleries, so it’s a pleasure to show my work close to home, for local people to enjoy and buy”.

The ‘Elemental’ art exhibition gives local people access to original, high quality work, reasonably priced. Wendy Dominguez, one of the four artists, said: “In an age of mass production, owning an original and unique piece of art, can be interesting, great fun and endlessly enjoyable. As an artist, it’s so important when the public buys our work and they explain what they like about it and where they will hang it. It’s such a pleasure”.

The ‘Elemental’ art exhibition is an excellent example of creative cooperation between local commerce and local artists to show Peterborough’s ‘cultural side’, in a time of recession. The local art scene In Peterborough is growing from strength to strength, with many different artists showing their work and people buying it. Andronicas has hosted exhibitions since July 2010 and provides a perfect venue to enjoy art whilst indulging in gourmet coffee and a delicious bite to eat.

The ‘Elemental’ art exhibition is open to the public, free of charge, and can be viewed in the upstairs gallery of Andronicas cafe in Peterborough Garden Park. www.peterboroughgardenpark.co.uk/shopping/andronicas.html

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